The Chains of Medon

Day of Rest?

After a full nights rest Maximus decided to take it upon himself to try and extract what meat and materials he could from the beast the party just slayed. Who knows what situations will arise in the near future that might require some of these resources. Shortly after separating with the party Maximus knelt to the ground and placed a few good berrys in a circle to begin summoning his new trusted steed STEVE!

With Steve summoned Maximus began to pet his new unicorn pet, what an unusual thought. If he looked back; it was only a few weeks ago he was living in the city under Mother Farris training to become a healer and now he has a unicorn he can summon! With his new companion by his side, Maximus began to scavenge what he could. About an hour or so later he heard a call from his party asking him to join them. What they soon discovered would be a possible way for transporting the survivors to this safe location. The party had discovered a secret mage room that contained a mystical mirror. This mirror, after some examining by Rowan, seemed to be able to transport things and perhaps people across great distances.

With the party’s new found item they quickly made haste back to bandit’s refuge. With Sara rescued the team realized they needed more horses. Thanks to Thargas’ negotiations, the team was able to get the additional horses they needed to ride back to bandit’s refuge. Now returned back to the survivors the team meets up with the royal family to begin planning the next stage of their adventure….is it moving day soon?!


Seaney Marcato

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